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​What’s the Difference between Pop Up Stands, Banner Stands, and More? Your Essential Guide


Exhibition veterans will surely know – or at least have an idea – of the differences between pop up stands, banner stands, and more. But if you are new to trade shows and exhibitions, it may be a bit difficult to understand what exactly these terms refer to and how they can be different from each other. Here, then, is your essential guide to pop up stands, banner stands, and more: how to differentiate one from the other.

Some trade show and exhibition terms you should know about

There are some key terms which you may come across when you begin participating in trade shows and exhibitions. Needless to say, knowing what these terms actually mean can help you make highly-relevant decisions, especially when it comes to maximising your trade show or exhibition space.For instance: a shell scheme basically refers to a standard exhibition stand. Floods, on the other hand, are a form of light fixture which can effectively highlight a large space. You may also come across the term ‘tracker’ – this is simply the machine which scans as well as prints labels for visitors.

Pop up banner stands

But going back to exhibition stands and pop up stands, here’s what you need to remember:

The basics on a banner stand

A banner stand is simply a portable unit used for display which is designed and created to carry a message, graphic information, or branding. It is a general term for banners which are mounted on a stand, and it can refer to either a pop up stand or an exhibition stand as well. Banner stands are distinguished by being easy to assemble and lightweight, hence their use in exhibitions and trade shows.

The basics on a pop up stand

A pop up stand stems from a standard banner stand with some key differences. For instance, pop up displays or stands are often wider compared to a standard banner stand. Pop up banners can have widths between 2 to 3 metres. Pop up exhibition stands are quite convenient if you have a bigger exhibition space, as they can also serve as a background wall that features your products and services.

There are some technical differences as well – with pop up display stands, the mechanics are more similar to a grid-like system, and you also have a choice between stands with straight edges or stands that are curved as well as wide pop up banners.

The basics on pull up and roller banners

You may also hear the terms pull up and roller banners, which are simply alternative terms for the abovementioned banner stands. However, a pull up banner is where the graphics are ‘pulled up’ from the stand’s base, whilst a roller banner is where a roller system or mechanism is used so the graphics can recede into the stand’s bottom part. 

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