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How a Well-Designed Exhibition Stand can Boost Your Business’ Image


An exhibition stand is not just a prop that allows you to receive potential customers and give them more information about your company, your brand, your products or your services; the quality of your pop up exhibition stands will reflect on you and your company and should make a lasting impression. It’s important that your exhibition stand is designed well and organised for optimum benefit. There are many ways to make sure your exhibition stand – whether it’s a roll up banner or a pop-up stand - reaches its full potential. The key is design, and for this you need to understand your target demographic. Here’s how a well-designed exhibition stand can boost your business’ image.

Quality is Vital

It will take about six seconds for a normal passer-by to read your message, mull it over and think about your proposition. Six seconds is all you have got, so you have to be sure your pop up displays send the right message that is easily understood in the blink of an eye. It takes a lot less than a second or two for the customer to decide whether or not the quality of your banner is good or bad (and hence, by default, whether or not you are trustworthy or not). Don’t simply buy cheap – go for quality, both in terms of the design and the printing of your banner stand. 

Pop up Exhibition Stand

Design your own or use a professional design service?

It is tempting to try and design your pop up stand on your own. It may save some money and the design process can be quite enjoyable for some people. However creating a really effective pop up stand design takes skill, practice and the right software. Using a professional design service can ensure that your display stand is designed effectively to increase its effectiveness, but also helps ensure that the artwork is set up correctly to achieve the highest quality printed result. 

What Exhibition Banner to use?

The are a number of different types of banner display that are used at exhibitions. 

Roll up banners are commonly used because they are so convenient, easy to transport and low cost. Use them. In fact, use several of them, at several places. You need to draw attention to your business before you can convince your customer.

Pop up exhibition stands are a substantial and high quality display, perfect for use in your exhibition stand as a back drop or focal point. 

Wide Roller banners These massive stands are both easy to transport and highly effective at attracting attention and due to their size can also be used effectivly as a bstand backdrop.

Understand your target market

Pop up banners are great to attract your target demographic, but only if you understand what attracts them – this requires research. Use the right colours and give the right impression.

When talking to your designer (or if you choose to design your own, when talking to your graphic artist), be as clear as possible; make sure they understand why you want a certain colour, why certain prints should be bold or cursive, or why certain fonts are used. Also ensure you have the right image (not just in terms of clarity and appeal to the customer, but also in terms of resolution). Remember, you’ll need to be sure the printing process can handle your demands, so consult with the designer and printer in unison before giving it the go-ahead. It’s a tricky process, but also a fun one. Experiment, and consult with everyone. Be wise and have the customer in mind when designing your pop up display stands

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