Compare our Wide Roller Banners

Roller Banners UK offer a choice of 2 models of wide roller banners stands - our Wide Budget roller banner and our Wide Premium Roller Banner.

Wide Roller banners are a minimum of 1m wide and are available up to 2.9m wide. To compare our standard size roller banners which are either 800mm or 850mm in size please see our Standard Roller Banner Comparison page. 

Our range is designed to suit all budgets and quality expectations. Our comparison table below should help you in making the right choice of stand for your business, but please contact us if you have any questions.

Wide Budget


  • Budget priced roller mechanism
  • Cylindrical mechanism with two twist out feet
  • Available Widths:
    1m | 1.2m | 1.5m | 2m
  • Height:
  • Choice of printed panel materials
  • Padded carry case
  • More

Wide Premium


  • Quality heavy weight roller mechanism
  • Single piece "tear drop" shaped mechanism
  • Available Widths:
    1m | 1.2m | 1.5m | 2m | 2.4m | 2.9m
  • Height:
  • Choice of printed panel materials
  • Quality padded carry case
  • Perfect for regular use with 6 month guarantee
  • More


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